Errores a evitar al lanzar tu primera campaña adwords

Google Ads puede ser una máquina para generar ventas de forma excesivamente efectiva, posee una gran cantidad de funciones, personalizaciones orientadas a tus intereses y en definitiva, te da la posibilidad de trazar una estrategia que se adapte a tu negocio y lo que quieres vender. No obstante, si no es utilizada con inteligencia y … Leer más

AdWords Average Position: Your Jungle Survival Guide To Exposing Ranking Myths

Average position can be a tricky thing to manage. There are those agencies out there that will promise “to get you to #1 in Google” and others who will bash on your account during an audit, because your competitors are outranking you. If these sound like scripts from the playbook of an agency you’re considering … Leer más

5 Ways to Set-and-Forget Your AdWords Campaigns to Automatically Generate New Business

Twitter Pinterest Google AdWords generates a high return due to its intent-based platform. But generating a high return often involves hours of work daily. From combing through thousands of negative keywords to adjusting bids on each campaign to meet fluctuating costs per click and acquisition. And don’t get me started on tagging each ad’s final … Leer más

AdWords Audit: The Ultimate 91-Point Guide For Success

AdWords is complex. First time users that open up an AdWords account feel like they’re looking at the controls for a spaceship. The hundreds of options and settings can be overwhelming. So, it’s understandable that sometimes people miss things when running an AdWords campaign.    It’s not just AdWords newbies that have this problem. Even … Leer más

Using Google Demographic Data to Optimize Your PPC Account

Next year, I predict that Google will put more resources into audience targeting methods – especially on the Search Network — while, at the same time, advertisers will become increasingly sophisticated users of existing AdWords targeting options…. Advertisers will become more skilled at targeting their preferred audiences by … means such as demographic targeting. Most … Leer más

Google Ads Keyword Planner gets new (and old) features – Search Engine Land

Google has added several features to Keyword Planner. The next time you log into Keyword Planner in Google Ads, you’ll see an announcement of several new features. Some of these updates are older features (“Add to existing campaign” is one) just now getting added to the new Google Ads UI. To get started, you can … Leer más