The line between subdomain leasing and alternative revenue strategy – Search Engine Land

Sites operating under a subdomain or subfolder of another brand are attracting attention from SEOs as well as search engines. This trend has most recently involved coupon sites that use a subdomain of well-entrenched media outlets, but could potentially be applied to any number of industries. Global Savings Group’s CNN and Business Insider coupon sites … Leer más

Beyond conventional SEO: Unravelling the mystery of the organic product carousel – Search Engine Land

Earlier in the year, Valentin Pletzer found that Google had begun to show a ‘Popular Products’ carousel for a subset of queries in search results. At the time, many believed that this new carousel was an Ad that Google just hadn’t labelled correctly. But it turns out this feature was in fact an organic result. … Leer más

Maximize Facebook performance by leveraging the algorithm – Search Engine Land

In this SMX session recap, Michelle Morgan of Clix Marketing covers Facebook ad tactics, along with tips for driving results with other Facebook ad formats. This session definitely packed a punch. Finding the right amount of volumes in the Facebook algorithm is similar to a space shuttle landing. You don’t want to overshoot it, but … Leer más

Are SKAGs dead after Google’s latest match type changes? – Search Engine Land

Google recently announced that same-meaning close variants will soon apply to phrase match and modified broad match keywords. These match types join exact match, which was the first to start showing ads for close variants with the same meaning in September 2018. I’ve shared what I believe are the three most important things to do … Leer más

You can’t advertise that: The big list of prohibited ads across social and search platforms – Search Engine Land

Part of managing successful ad campaigns involves knowing what types of ad content is disallowed and what’s restricted across the social and search ad landscape. Most prohibited content (counterfeit goods, illegal products and services, etc.) and restricted content (political ads, alcohol, etc.) follows similar standards from one platform to the next, but each company has … Leer más

How Google’s recent changes affect higher education websites – Search Engine Land

The past five years have seen constant upheaval in Google’s search rankings formula. It’s difficult to keep up, and universities are often behind the curve when it comes to competition in search. Sixty-seven percent of internet users use search engines as their first source of information for higher education institutions. With the exception of a … Leer más

SMX replay: Create dashboards that inform and persuade – Search Engine Land

Data insights are only as effective as your ability to communicate them in a way that results in buy-in from colleagues, management and clients. That’s why Sam Marsden, SEO and content manager at DeepCrawl, has turned to data visualization using Google’s Data Studio to help stakeholders make more informed decisions. During Marsden’s Insights session at … Leer más

How Google will shift resources to media search and other tidbits from Gary Illyes’ AMA on Reddit – Search Engine Land

Google webmaster trends analyst Gary Illyes, who has been with Google for over eight years working exclusively on search-related topics, participated in an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit over the weekend. Over the course of the lengthy discussion thread, he covered everything from robots.txt to RankBrain to behavioral signals to image and video search. We’ll … Leer más

Moz ‘Estado de Local” informe muestra la confusión, la fragmentación en el local esfuerzos de SEO – Search Engine Land

En los talones de su Local Clasificación de los Factores de la encuesta, Moz ha publicado un “Estado de Local SEO” informe. Los hallazgos se basan en las respuestas de unos 1,400 vendedores locales, segmentados por tipo de vendedor (agencia de vs en casa) y tamaño de la empresa. la Confusión y fragmentación de esfuerzos. … Leer más

What really matters in Google’s nofollow changes, SEOs ask – Search Engine Land

Google’s news Tuesday that it is treating the nofollow attribute as a “hint” for ranking rather than a directive to ignore a link, and the introduction of rel=”sponsored” and rel=”ugc” raised reactions and questions from SEOs about next steps and the impact of the change to a nearly 15-year-old link attribute. Choices for choice sake? … Leer más