Intención de búsqueda en SEO: análisis, estrategia y herramientas

¿Realmente ofreces lo que buscan tus usuarios? ¿O sólo haces SEO old school para captar tráfico a toda costa? Google ha cambiado mucho. Si sigues con el viejo libreto de “incluir palabras clave + un poco de linkbuilding = tráfico”, puede que seas el tipo de resultado que Google ya no quiere darle a sus usuarios. … Leer más

Managing sitemap XML with Google Search Console – Search Engine Land

The count of these stored pages, labeled “Valid” in the screenshot below, indicates how many of your pages Google has ready for search appearance. Google keeps information about more of your site’s pages than those marked Valid, and not all pages have equal value. A lively homepage is vastly different than a static privacy policy, … Leer más

Content Marketing Case Study: Helping Ridester Grow 119% (So Far)

How We Helped Ridester to See a 119% Organic Traffic Growth (So Far) The team at Ridester came to us with a problem. Competition in their industry was increasing, and their online growth was staggering. For those who aren’t familiar with Ridester: Ridester is a B2C website that provides in-depth guides about the gig economy, with … Leer más

Daily Mail SEO says site lost big after June Google update, asks community for help – Search Engine Land

The Daily Mail, a very large UK online publisher, has lost half of its organic web site traffic as of June 3. That’s according to a post in the Google Search Console forums by a user claiming to be The Daily Mail’s SEO Director Jesus Mendez. Hit by Google update. It appears The Daily Mail … Leer más

Google Search Console Data for Most of April is Inaccurate – Search Engine Journal

Google has alerted site owners that nearly all of last month’s reports in Search Console were affected by a data outage. A data outage occurred between April 9-25. The problem was fixed on April 26, however, the data was not recovered. All missing data from April 9-25 was replaced with the data from April 26. … Leer más

Google Introduces Three New Search Console Reports – Search Engine Journal

Google is bringing three new reports to Search Console which are all related to structured data. New enhancement reports for the ‘Sitelinks searchbox’ and ‘Logo’ structured data join existing reports on Recipe, Event, Job Posting, and others. Enhancement reports display the overall trends of errors, warnings, and valid items on a site. They also display … Leer más