Are SKAGs dead after Google’s latest match type changes? – Search Engine Land

Google recently announced that same-meaning close variants will soon apply to phrase match and modified broad match keywords. These match types join exact match, which was the first to start showing ads for close variants with the same meaning in September 2018. I’ve shared what I believe are the three most important things to do … Leer más

Guía para ser un Experto en AdWords + [Trucos Clave para Google] – NeoAttack

¿Con ganas de sacarle el máximo rendimiento a tu campaña de AdWords? Pues a continuación la recopilación de los trucos clave para sacarle jugo a tu campaña publicitaria y que consigas ser todo un experto en AdWords. Después de leer este artículo si no le sacas partido a Adwords ¡es porque no quieres! ¿Cómo funciona Google AdWords? … Leer más

10 conceptos clave del marketing en buscadores – Luz Hernández

Te voy a explicar el significado de conceptos ligados con los buscadores y por qué es importante que los conozcas. 1.- SEGMENTACIÓN Qué es: un segmento es un grupo de personas afines entre sí,  con las mismas necesidades en relación a tu producto y con un comportamiento de compra similar entre ellas y diferente al … Leer más

AdWords Average Position: Your Jungle Survival Guide To Exposing Ranking Myths

Average position can be a tricky thing to manage. There are those agencies out there that will promise “to get you to #1 in Google” and others who will bash on your account during an audit, because your competitors are outranking you. If these sound like scripts from the playbook of an agency you’re considering … Leer más

10 Tips to Win at Local PPC – Search Engine Journal

Local PPC is near and dear to my heart: helping members of the community profit by contributing to their communities is both satisfying and scalable. From SMBs driving leads to their owner-operated shop to a national brand channeling the trends of an individual location, and everything in between, there are decidedly right and wrong ways … Leer más

How to keep PPC accounts healthy when using automation – Search Engine Land

Machine learning, artificial intelligence, Moore’s Law and ongoing automation by the big search engines are accelerating the evolution of PPC. So much so, the role of the PPC pro has to evolve just as rapidly. Optmyzr co-founder Fred Vallaeys recently encapsulated the new roles humans will play in an AI world to help PPC pros … Leer más

Paid Advertising Experts Advice: Increasing PPC Performance (Part 2)

This week, our paid advertising experts’ advice continues. If you didn’t read Part 1 of the round-up series, I invite you to read it here. Luckily, I drafted each part of the series in a way where you don’t have to read them in any particular order. That being said, both posts offer unique insight … Leer más

AdWords Audit: The Ultimate 91-Point Guide For Success

AdWords is complex. First time users that open up an AdWords account feel like they’re looking at the controls for a spaceship. The hundreds of options and settings can be overwhelming. So, it’s understandable that sometimes people miss things when running an AdWords campaign.    It’s not just AdWords newbies that have this problem. Even … Leer más

Como usar Google Adwords estableciendo objetivos – Online Zebra

Tus campañas de Google Adwords llevan varias semanas funcionando y has seguido correctamente el calendario de optimización de campañas. Es en este momento cuando debemos establecer objetivos para diferentes métricas y a su vez una serie de acciones para alcanzar esos objetivos. En este artículo te explicamos como usar Google Adwords estableciendo objetivos. Dividiremos los … Leer más

How to Use PPC Data to Get More SEO Traffic

PPC data is not the new kid on the block; it’s an old acquaintance, someone you’ve known for a long time but you never said hi. It’s time for a change. Get to know it and make it your best buddy. It’s no secret that you think metrics aren’t appealing. Most of the people think … Leer más