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Google has reportedly introduced new options into the list of potential “default” search engines available to Chrome users. Most notably, DuckDuckGo has now become one of those options in 60 markets around the world. DDG joins the list. In the past users were always free to manually add alternatives to the existing choices, which included … Leer más

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We’ve been told again and again that we need to limit our single use plastics and ensure that anything we throw away doesn’t end up in our oceans. Studies have found that tiny organisms in our seas are eating micro-plastics and plastic material has even been found in parts of the Mariana Trench, the lowest … Leer más

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Google has quietly added DuckDuckGo as a search engine option for Chrome users in ~60 markets

In an update to the chromium engine, which underpins Google’s popular Chrome browser, the search giant has quietly updated the lists of default search engines it offers per market — expanding the choice of search product users can pick from in markets around the world. Most notably it has expanded search engine lists to include … Leer más

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