How Google’s recent changes affect higher education websites – Search Engine Land

The past five years have seen constant upheaval in Google’s search rankings formula. It’s difficult to keep up, and universities are often behind the curve when it comes to competition in search. Sixty-seven percent of internet users use search engines as their first source of information for higher education institutions. With the exception of a … Leer más

5 Claves TOP para el Posicionamiento Web en Internet 【2019】🥇

8323 Views ¿Te has encontrado este post el primero al buscar en Google “posicionamiento en Internet” o “posicionamiento web”? ¿Quieres saber por qué el artículo de nuestra Agencia SEO es el primero y cómo puedes serlo tú también? ¡Pues quédate porque te voy a contar hasta el último detalle! Sabemos que rankear en Google cada … Leer más

Voice Search SEO: How to Optimize Your Site [New Research]

We analyzed 10,000 Google Home search results to answer the question: How do you optimize your site for voice search? Specifically, we investigated the role of 11 potential ranking factors (including Page speed, Schema, and HTTPS) on voice search results. And in this post I’m going to share what we discovered. A Summary of Our … Leer más

How to Do an SEO Competitor Analysis [Template Included]

If you’re planning a new online venture, or are simply sick and tired of losing to competitors in organic search, then you need to do an SEO competitor analysis. Your competitors are a goldmine of information that can inform every aspect of your SEO strategy and help to skyrocket your website’s organic traffic. In concrete terms, performing an … Leer más

Here’s the content Google aims to keep out of featured snippets – Search Engine Land

Recently, Google’s practices around which sites and types of content it may include in featured snippets have raised censorship concerns and talk of blacklists in some circles. We asked Google to clarify its policies around the types of content eligible for featured snippets and how it finds and removes content deemed inappropriate for those placements. … Leer más

11 Actionable SEO Techniques For More Organic Traffic in 2019

Looking to boost your SEO in 2019? Try this list of actionable, easy‐to‐understand SEO techniques on for size. Most lists of SEO techniques are quite vague: Yeah, right… *hits back button* In this post, we do away with ambiguity and focus on a handful of actionable SEO techniques that get results. Let’s go. 1. Improve … Leer más

New edition of SEO success factors reinforces the importance of content – Search Engine Land

At SMX Advanced in Seattle on June 4, the 2019 edition of the Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors was officially unveiled. The Periodic Table, first launched in 2011, is updated every two years to reflect changes in Google ranking factors, emerging trends in technology and the evolution of SEO strategy. Hundreds of SEO experts … Leer más

How much should we care about voice search? It depends on our target audience. – Search Engine Land

In 2018, voice search was one of the hottest topics in the SEO community. A popular article by Wordstream listed a handful of statistics around voice search, starting with the misconstrued Comscore statistic that by 2020, 50% of searches would be done through voice. It turns out, this statistic was related only to voice search … Leer más

60+ Expert Opinions on The Top SEO Trends in 2018 – ContentMarketo

With every new year accompanying innovations, new marketing and SEO trends start to question your previous year’s bulletproof strategies. This is why it is so important to stay up-to-date and train your mind to accept and adapt to changes. Moreover, with Google adopting new ways to collect user data, the accuracy of the search results … Leer más

Intención de búsqueda en SEO: análisis, estrategia y herramientas

¿Realmente ofreces lo que buscan tus usuarios? ¿O sólo haces SEO old school para captar tráfico a toda costa? Google ha cambiado mucho. Si sigues con el viejo libreto de “incluir palabras clave + un poco de linkbuilding = tráfico”, puede que seas el tipo de resultado que Google ya no quiere darle a sus usuarios. … Leer más