Bing Ads rolls out Target CPA & Maximize Conversions bidding strategies

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101 E-commerce SEO Tips (That Actually Work)

Getting your store more organic traffic can make a huge difference in your sales. Bringing in more sales without risking your money on advertising can be a great way to build your e-commerce empire. While that all sounds amazing, it’s easier said than done. You can’t do any of that without powerful SEO for your … Leer más

Actionable PPC Marketing Checklist (A Newbie Friendly Guide) | CJG Digital Marketing

When it comes to online advertising, most small to large businesses rely on Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns, spending considerable marketing budgets on Google AdWords and other similar platforms. Studies have shown that PPC advertising drives a good flow of traffic to their websites, increasing the influx of potential customers which translate into sales. … Leer más

PPC budget strategy: Tips for success on a limited budget

You don’t need a large budget for an effective PPC strategy. Here’s how to maximize the success of your PPC campaigns regardless of the size of your budget. The budget of a PPC campaign can play an important role in its performance. However, it doesn’t guarantee successful results without a proper planning first. It’s common … Leer más

The four pillars of an effective SEO strategy

SEO can be complicated — in many cases, overcomplicated. How many ranking factors are involved in generating strong organic search results? Ten? Twenty? Thirty? Two hundred? A quick search for “SEO ranking factors” will give you all of these answers and myriad others. There is a lot of information out there. And the reality is, … Leer más

How to Do Keyword Research for SEO: Everything You Need to Know

Search engines have been minimizing the importance of keyword relevance signals for ranking for many years. It’s a fact that keywords are no longer necessary or mandatory to be present in the title tag or in heading tags (H1, H2, H3) in order to rank in the top five of the search engine results pages. Even using the exact keyword phrases … Leer más

6 Reasons Why Your Paid Search Strategy Must Include Bing Ads

When most marketers think of PPC, they think of Google AdWords. While AdWords is a great platform to work with, others like Bing Ads often go ignored. Bing Ads has a lot of catching up to do to be on par with AdWords. This is true. But there are some definite pros to using this … Leer más

15 SEO Chrome Extensions You Can’t Live Without

There are tons of features that make the browser so popular, but some of the Google Chrome extensions are arguably the most useful marketing features of all. Google Chrome extensions take up less space than traditional desktop apps, you can update them more easily, and they usually cost less. If you’re looking to boost your … Leer más

6 Adwords Copywriting Tips That Will Grab Anyone’s Attention

Sometimes, writing ads for Google Adwords sucks. We all hate it. It feels nearly impossible to fit a compelling offer into a 30-character headline or 80-character description. To make matters worse, your entire campaign’s potential success rides on those few characters. It’s literally all you’ve got on Search Ads. So writing a short, snappy copy is … Leer más

3 Advanced AdWords Features for a Smarter Keyword Bidding Strategy

Do you ever set the max cost per click (CPC) for keywords only to sit back and wonder whether or not that’s how much you should bid? In this post, I’m going to discuss three advanced AdWords features you can use to find the lowest cost per click with the highest conversions. Learning about each … Leer más