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Potencia tu E-Commerce con Google AdWords Potenciar tu página web no se trata solo de Search Engine Optimization (SEO). También, es necesario  trabajar el El SEM hace referencia, generalmente, al anuncio publicitario de pago en los buscadores online. Esta práctica se vuelva más común porque son cada vez más las personas que prefieren la publicidad … Leer más

How Google’s recent changes affect higher education websites – Search Engine Land

The past five years have seen constant upheaval in Google’s search rankings formula. It’s difficult to keep up, and universities are often behind the curve when it comes to competition in search. Sixty-seven percent of internet users use search engines as their first source of information for higher education institutions. With the exception of a … Leer más

The Future of SEO: It’s Not What You’re Expecting

What do you think the future of SEO is? And no, I am not talking about what Google will look like 10 years from now… I’m talking about how you’ll be able to rank your site in the future. You know, that one thing that’ll just skyrocket your rankings. So, what do you think it … Leer más

10 AdWords Extensions You Should be Using (But Probably Aren’t)

So, you’re running an AdWords campaign. And your results are varied at best. One day, your PPC efforts might bring in a decent chunk of leads, but another day it falls dormant. What gives? Why is it working one day and not another? Well, there are a lot of factors that can contribute to your successful … Leer más

Profit-Driven PPC Management in Practice

Online campaign optimization methods evolve. Some of us remember well the times when a majority of ads were sold by reservation of a time slot on a webpage. The advertiser paid, say, a monthly fee for a horizontal banner on the home page of a selected portal. The space for optimization was very limited. From … Leer más

5 Ways to Set-and-Forget Your AdWords Campaigns to Automatically Generate New Business

Twitter Pinterest Google AdWords generates a high return due to its intent-based platform. But generating a high return often involves hours of work daily. From combing through thousands of negative keywords to adjusting bids on each campaign to meet fluctuating costs per click and acquisition. And don’t get me started on tagging each ad’s final … Leer más

Managing AdWords The 3 DO’s and DON’Ts That Make Or Break Success

Twitter Pinterest The overall outlook on pay per click marketing is trending up and to the right. 84% of users feel good about the current PPC market. From text ads to remarketing, PPC marketers are reporting higher spending than ever before. Budgets are skyrocketing for one reason: users are making more on PPC now than … Leer más

7 Powerful Benefits of Using PPC Advertising

There are many compelling benefits of PPC advertising. Whether you’re trying to convince your boss or a client about the value of Google Ads (or Bing Ads), there’s a powerful case to be made. For starters, PPC: PPC can have a major – and positive – impact on most businesses and brands. If you aren’t … Leer más

How to Use PPC Data to Get More SEO Traffic

PPC data is not the new kid on the block; it’s an old acquaintance, someone you’ve known for a long time but you never said hi. It’s time for a change. Get to know it and make it your best buddy. It’s no secret that you think metrics aren’t appealing. Most of the people think … Leer más

10 All-Too-Common Mistakes Businesses Make When Managing Google AdWords

Dr. Dave Chaffey looks at the most common mistakes marketing managers make with AdWords and offers his advice on how to avoid them. In my article last month I wrote about common weaknesses in the way that businesses manage their SEO. Thanks if you shared the article – it seemed that the mistakes I mentioned … Leer más