10 Must-See Content Marketing World 2018 Sessions

It’s an exciting time to be a content marketing fan. Content Marketing World, the Holy Grail of marketing conferences, is less than a week away and the track, workshop, and keynote lineup is mind-blowingly incredible (*ahem* Tina Fey anyone?) There are over 100 sessions planned for this year’s event ranging from AI, visual storytelling, demand … Leer más

17 Top Content Marketing Experts You Should Be Following

Your audience’s favorite platforms and content formats are continuously changing, with micro-this and in-depth that. Influencer marketing is taking over more and more each year, and you can’t keep track of how you’re supposed to be doing it. And don’t even think about organic social media reach — trying to achieve that often means facing a … Leer más

No Lies: How to Get Content Marketing Right in E-Commerce

Content marketing is a great, wonderful, powerful way to earn attention and loyalty online … but much of what the industry talks about comes from a B2B perspective. A lot of the rules change when you move to the B2C sector, and still more change when you talk about businesses operating on the online marketplace. … Leer más

How Brands Can Get the Most From Their Content Marketing Agency

Each year, brands are investing countless hours and thousands if not millions of dollars in marketing to prospects and current customers with content. Often times, internal marketing teams are finding that they need content marketing agency expertise and support outside of their organization. Working with an agency that specializes in content marketing can provide brands … Leer más

Top 10 Content Marketing Interviews with Major Brands & Experts

Content Marketing continues to drive marketing strategy for many companies and yet, most companies don’t document that strategy. The result? Marketing departments are challenged to create a variety of compelling content on a consistent basis. Smart, creative and results-focused advice on content marketing that actually works is in high demand and I’m happy to say that over the … Leer más