Yoast SEO para periodistas: cómo optimizar contenidos para Google

Yoast SEO es una extensión de software (o plugin) para WordPress cuya misión es mejorar el SEO On Page, una especialidad de la optimización web a la que también podemos denominar SEO de contenidos. Carlos Lopezosa es coautor de esta entrada junto con Lluís Codina. Ver al final la forma recomendada de citación. El SEO … Leer más

25 Content Marketing Platforms You Need to Know in 2019

Content marketing is a highly effective tactic to build brand awareness, increase your visibility in search results, and connect with your target audience. 84% of people expect brands to provide content that entertains and adds value to their lives. And, 70% of them prefer to learn about products through content, not ads. However, it can … Leer más

¿Qué es el WPO y por qué es un factor SEO clave? – Agencia Sidecar

Tiempo estimado de lectura: 12 minutos Hay muchos factores posicionamiento SEO que afectan al posicionamiento de una web en los buscadores web, pero hay uno que está tomando una singular relevancia entre todos ellos: el Web Performance Optimization (WPO). Seguro te vas a preguntar ¿qué es el WPO? Enseguida te lo explicamos. Hoy en día, … Leer más

Stop the silo madness! Effective site architecture for SEO and findability – Search Engine Land

The search engine optimization (SEO) industry is full of jargon. Take the word “sitemap” for example. To many SEO pros, a sitemap is an XML sitemap. However, to professionals in different industries the word “sitemap” (one word) and phrase “site map” (two words) have the same meaning: a wayfinder site map. Sometimes the single word … Leer más

WordPress Web Design Services Los Angeles | SEO Noble

WordPress Web Design Services Visit our pricing page here for more information. More About WordPress and Web Design Services WordPress is an flexible and secure content management systems that is second to none. Since WordPress is an extremely versatile management system, you can easily use it to make and manage your own website on the … Leer más

Wix SEO vs. WordPress: 6.4M Domains Studied

Let’s face it: Wix’s reputation amongst SEO professionals isn’t great. Most believe that WordPress is not only superior but also that Wix is inferior to, well, pretty much any other CMS out there. Wix is doing everything in their power to change the negative perception amongst SEOs. That’s why, in 2017, they launched a contest … Leer más

Is the New Web.Dev a Good SEO Tool 🔧🔨🛠?

At the 2018 Chrome Developer Summit Google announced a new tool, Web.Dev, an online website auditing tool. The online tool executes the Chrome Lighthouse tests against your web page. Right now it is not clear what constraints are used to run the new online test. Is it a mobile viewport or desktop? Is the network … Leer más

How to Create a Content Marketing Architecture, Strategy and Plan

Would you build a new house without a plan? Of course you wouldn’t, right? To build a house that will last a lifetime you need a framework and architecture. A framework and plan is what helps ensure the house is developed on time, meets standards to keep you safe and enjoy the home for decades … Leer más

Free beginner SEO training guide for 2018-2019

There was a time when websites got good rank by keyword stuffing meta tags, page titles and content. But now the times have changed and so are the Google algorithms. If you want to learn SEO, it is important to be updated with the latest knowledge. One of the major changes is that the search … Leer más

The four pillars of an effective SEO strategy

SEO can be complicated — in many cases, overcomplicated. How many ranking factors are involved in generating strong organic search results? Ten? Twenty? Thirty? Two hundred? A quick search for “SEO ranking factors” will give you all of these answers and myriad others. There is a lot of information out there. And the reality is, … Leer más