Content curation for social selling; how to get even better results – Blog

Content curation is a great asset available for marketers to maximize the impact of social selling programs. recent integration with social selling solutions such as GaggleAMP, unleash the power of content curation + social selling. But why is curation such a nice tool to leverage employee advocacy? All the answers below, and also in … Leer más

Top Content Curation Tools: The Ultimate List For Marketing, Social Media, Education & Businesses

You might be wondering, what is all this fuss over the top content curation tools? Before we share the top content curation tools list below, you have to understand why the heck content curation is so important. The 25 Top Content Curation Tools for Marketers Did you know that in 60 seconds the following content is being created … Leer más

Tutoriales de y Pinterest para la content curation

En este post presentamos dos tutoriales en video sobre el uso para la content curation de dos de las plataformas usadas con esta finalidad más populares: y Pinterest. Vídeo Tutorial de Vídeo Tutorial de Pinterest En los tutoriales hacemos un recorrido por ambas plataformas y acabamos mostrando ejemplos de subir un ítem a cada … Leer más

Content curation for social selling; how to get even better results

Social selling. If you’ve never heard the word before, you might think it’s some strange new technique devised as an icebreaker for networking events, or perhaps just a new name for Tupperware parties. The reality is much simpler – and much less awkward. Social selling is just using social media to generate relationships, leads, and … Leer más

14 Sites to Ignite Your Content Marketing

Is this you? You’ve been putting out content for some time now but haven’t seen the explosive growth that you know you are capable of.  You spend hours crafting an article, only to have it lose traction within a week. You want a better way to network and distribute your content that will reap recurring … Leer más

Content Curation on Twitter: 7+ Secrets Revealed

If you haven’t read part 1 of How to Quickly Find and Grow Your Twitter Following, please do so before reading this post. So you have the basics of your Twitter growth strategy rocking and rollin’, right? You’ve got a deep understanding of your target audience and the keywords and hashtags they use on Twitter. … Leer más

Picking A Niche For Content Curation – Top 20 Content Curation Tools for Business Owners

For many years now, content has been touted as king. But, what does that really mean in today’s world of information overload? Over the last 10 years, a huge transformation has taken place. News on the web used to be distributed mainly by large news networks, i.e. “the media.” Yet, as social media has risen … Leer más

8 infografías y visualizaciones de las 4S’s de la content curation

Recogemos en este post las visualizaciones (que hemos visto) basadas en el método de curación de contenidos de las 4S’s, que dimos a conocer primero en el libro El content curator y que después hemos seguido trabajando en el ebook Las 4S’s de la content curation. Estudio de caso (I) y en este blog. Recordamos que las … Leer más

[Contenidos] Cómo hacer content curation en Facebook – d+m, blog de Eva Sanagustín

Cuando explico las muchas herramientas de content curation que hay en el mercado, la cara de mis alumnos suele ser una mezcla de sorpresa y susto: ¿hacen falta tantas? ¿Cómo voy a elegir la que más me conviene? Depende porque no hay una respuesta igual para todos. Pero, por mucho que haya herramientas específicas, muchos … Leer más